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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by JC in Stamford, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2012
    Hello, I have been reading all the old posts here on shallow-depth toilets. My plight is the same as the many who have written before me -- an old bathroom, very little space. Current toilet to be replaced is 26 inches. I did look up some of the toilets mentioned in previous posts that are 26 1/8, such as TOTO CST423SF Promenade and TOTO CST733F Dalton. But I was hoping for something even less deep (without going to flushometer or wall-mount). I saw several models from online importers, but the toilets seems to have been imported with no manufacturer -- does anyone have experience with or advice on: 1) the 25.6" model here: or 2) the 26" model here: or 3) the 25.6" model here: .
    My main concern is whether these toilets are any good -- it seems to me they do not have a name brand(?)
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    Apr 27, 2012
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    Seems like nobody has much advice for you...

    I have two thoughts that may be helpful. First is, you are correct to be concerned about no-name toilets. You don't know how they flush, and in these days of 1.6gpf and 1.28gpf toilets, there are so many designs out there that look good and perform horribly that it isn't worth the risk. Also, you have no idea how and where you will get parts for the thing when the moving parts inevitably wear out in a few years. The reason that Toto gets such a push on this forum is that, in most designs, factory authorized parts are readily available at a low price at Lowe's from an American manufacturer (Korky), and from Toto's headquarters in Georgia, as well at most plumbing supply houses; the flush in all models is amazing; and the quality control is second-to-none.

    I see that you have looked through the forum for recommendations on models, so I won't rehash that. Don't overlook the basic Drake; the round-bowl model is affordable and short, with a legendary flush, although it sits off the wall an inch or so.

    Second, what I will say is that in a "small space", protrusion into the room isn't the only thing to worry about. If you ARE space-limited in that direction, then there's no getting around it. However, if what you are concerned about is how the fixture "feels" in the small space, then something like the Ultramax II, although a bit longer, may be your ticket. I have a Carlyle II (similar but skirted) in a small space, and the thing seems positively-tiny. It's not tall, and the integrated tank is narrow and tapered, so although it occupies more floor space than its predecessor, it actually seems much smaller and fits the space much nicer. This is so even though it has an elongated bowl rather than the round bowl it replaced. I obsessed about the length of the toilet when replacing another old round-bowl in a small space, and went with the round Drake. In retrospect, the elongated model would have been fine; that extra space isn't as noticeable as you might think, unless there is a hard physical restriction (such as a swinging door) that you have to miss.

    Hope this helps.
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