1. WorldPeace

    White, Milky Substance in Brine Tank

    My System Info 64k-56SXT-10 Brand AFWFilters Capacity 64k Resin 10% crosslink Resin Tank Size 2.0 cubic ft Brine Tank Size 18"x40" Round Brine Tank with Float and Air Check Brine Fill Rate (BLFC) .5 GPM DLFC 3.5 GPM Injector #2 Service flow 10 GPM Peak flow 15 GPM Flow required for backwash 4...
  2. hotwaterless

    Bradford White Defender Water Heater Issue

    Glad I came across this forum. So here is my story and I hope someone can shed some light on what to do next. I live in Huntington Beach California. I had a slab leak and had the house re-piped in August 2018. I used a plumber who used a third party piping company to do the work. This isn't...
  3. Newbie17

    White capped pipe (4.5 inches) in a basement floor, what it is for ?

    White capped pipe (4.5 inches) in a basement floor, what it is for ? The house is fairly new . All rest of the plumbing are black. Can this white one be used for washer and sink drain? Thanks
  4. GrowLLLTigeRRR

    Hello Terry et. al.

    Hello everyone, I have searched the forums and I can not find an answer to this question. I did however find a similar question by a first time poster from 2012 that went unanswered: Here is his post: Hi. This is my first post and thank you for the awesome website. I have been reading a lot...
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