1. Asker123

    Using Unions for Septic Pump input and Output

    Hello, My Septic Pump takes Grey water from my Septic tank and drains into Septic field approx. every 12 hours. It runs for 7 minutes each time. It is time to change the pump. My experienced friend in plumbing is suggesting to introduce Union ( is it also called coupling?) on both input and...
  2. Kamil

    Unions on boiler system

    Hello everybody, I am repiping old heating system into loops with the boiler remaining the same at this time but it will be changed in the future. I want to use unions to facilitate future boiler replacement. Is there any problem using unions on boiler system. I was wandering if they cause...
  3. Sbas

    Where can I buy a 1 1/2" ABS union p trap

    Hello all, I've been told its best to have a union p trap under my sink. Where can I buy one of these (that can be screwed on rather than glued)? Excuse my lack of plumbing knowledge, but are there fittings I can buy to accomplish the same thing with this p trap...
  4. Stokestack

    How do I get pipes tightened at precise angles?

    Hi all. I have a non-plumbing scenario that nonetheless involves regular pipe. I'm using 3/4" pipe to mount a driveway mirror on a vertical wooden beam. The mirror is in a wooden frame that I built, to which I plan to attach a flange to accept the pipe. I plan to get the pipe to the desired...
  5. K

    WashaLot Handwashing Station

    Hi, I am building a hand washing station in a rural village and the country that I am in does not have sealing discs or the unions to fit the sealing discs. I was wondering if anybody had an alternative material to use for sealing discs? I have attached a video of how to build the station and a...
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