thermal expansion

  1. J

    Thermal expansion - check valve

    Hello, Our new house has a hot water dedicated recirculation system that was installed with only a single check valve, a Euroblock spring check valve that is supposed to prevent the hot water from backflowing into the cold inlet to the water tank/heater. (Not the purpose of this post, but...
  2. Sunnyday

    Thermal expansion advice

    Hello, been in the house 15 years. Every winter hear tapping in wall between bath and kitchen. Noise sounds on the higher side of wall. Starts after hot water has been running a bit, after the waters off the noise begins to taper off as well. You may have noticed but it’s been summer and well...
  3. Dallin Lewis

    Expansion Tank Installation--horizontal with flex pipes

    I installed an A.O. Smith water heater with a friend (handier than me) a few weeks back. There's intermittent leaking at the T/P valve, and I'm confident that I need to install an expansion tank (the old heater had one, but it is not reusable). My question is whether I can work with the flex...
  4. CowSki

    Thermal expansion tank and vacuum breaker

    Hi There, I'm installing a new hot water tank. Vacuum breakers are a code requirement in my area (as are Pressure Reducing Valves). I wanted to add a thermal expansion tank. After much discussion/research I think it is best to put it on the cold water line. BUT if the vacuum breaker is between...
  5. Nish

    Single Thud sound from cold water pipe by the boiler after flusing

    Hi guys, Thank you in advance for your response and the previous forums on this site. I have read through almost all the water hammer problems that were posted on these threads and I think my problem is slight bit different. I am the first owner of this newly built house in 2007. It has been...
  6. Dave Armstrong

    Hot Water from Cold Tap

    About a year ago I had two old 50 gallon water heaters with new ones. The installer did two changes to the previous system. 1) He installed an expansion tank, and 2) he put the two water heaters in series (the previous ones were in parallel). Ever since then we have experienced hot water...
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