1. amy123

    Cold water pipe making ticking sound?

    My COLD water pipe is making frequent ticking sounds even when I do not have cold water running. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  2. Sunnyday

    Thermal expansion advice

    Hello, been in the house 15 years. Every winter hear tapping in wall between bath and kitchen. Noise sounds on the higher side of wall. Starts after hot water has been running a bit, after the waters off the noise begins to taper off as well. You may have noticed but it’s been summer and well...
  3. Grfillinger

    Rheem Delayed Ignition Issue?

    Hello, I'm having some issues with my Rheem water heater and hoped someone here might be able to help. Very basically, when the burner fires up, there is a "boom/whoosh" sound. (I've linked a video of this event below). All my research has pointed to a delayed ignition problem; however, when...
  4. SC_plumber

    Drinking fountain whining sound

    I recently changed the water filter in line with the drinking fountain and it now makes a loud whistling/whining sound, at relatively low frequency. The sound will persist as long as the drinking fountain is flowing. Fountain: The drinking fountain was part of a Whirlpool WHER25 RO filter...
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