1. bbender716

    Septic-like smell from wall

    About 3 days ago, I began smelling an intermittent septic-like smell coming from the pictured wall. General layout info: We live in a one story ranch with a partial finished basement. The furnace/main mechanical room is near but not directly below this bathroom. The "smelly" side of the wall is...
  2. ATC4404

    Sewage Smell in apartment

    I'm at a loss. A sewage smell comes throughout the day at my apartment. I open the windows and run hot water with some baking soda down the drain--which temporarily makes the smell go away. Air filter been changed... The apartment complex hired an inept plumbing team to come "fix" the problem...
  3. ChopperRS

    Smelly hot water even after new anode rod

    I was having issues with a rotten egg smell in my hot water and replaced the anode rod. Although the rod had a dark scummy coating on it, it had not been reduced in length or thickness. With the new rod n place, I had almost two weeks of smell free water, but now the rotten egg smell has...
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