1. Cooch17

    Immediate loss of ~PSI when pump kicks off

    Greetings -- I have a 1500 gallon underground cistern, which is fed by my shallow, low yield well (once an hour, water shoots over from well to the storage tank). I have a submerged pump in the storage tank that serves water to the two pressure tanks I have in the basement of the house. 60/40...
  2. Jack-of-All-Trades

    How to fix leak at plastic elbow in clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor?

    My son broke our bathroom faucet in our mobile home. I purchased a regular style fixture ( and galvanized pipe fittings to make connections between the new fixture and the ½ inch clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor. Seemed to go OK , but when I turned on water , water is now shooting out from...
  3. Stevenson

    Water Valve Behind Refrigerator

    The old refrigerator was removed and a new refrigerator was installed. The issue is: The shut-off valve was turned back to the "on" (open) position once installing the new hose to new refrigerator but no water is coming from the pipe. Does anyone happen to have any recommendations?
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