1. chill_builds

    Series Heat Pump Water Heater and Basic Electric Unit

    I am planning to install a 50 gallon Rheem HPWH(in garage main level) in series with a basic 50 gallon Rheem 4500 watt electric unit(in basement one level down). The reasoning for this is to increase total amount of available hot water for the few times a year we run out of hot water and to save...
  2. Stevie Vermunt

    Tankless heater/Well Water?

    Hi there! I have a couple questions but Ill explain myself first. We have well water and it has methane in it from being in the badlands as well as fracking in the area I've heard? The well water is soft, and has high bicarbonate in it. Will a tankless be okay with this type of water? I wonder...
  3. superfly

    Hybrid system in series (or parallel)

    Hola... Paging through the forum it looks like series vs. parallel has been pretty well flogged to death, but I'm looking at something a little different. I have a split system in which most of my house is serviced by a traditional tank heater, and the master bath by a tankless. I recently...
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