pipe sizing

  1. A

    New Water Srvc - Can I use 1.5 pipe with 3/4" meter

    Hi - I'm putting in new city water service (tired of the well). My home is ~400 feet from the 16" main with 60-65psi. Originally, I was thinking of going with a 1" tap & meter hooked to a 1 1/2" line to the house. I only have 27 fixture units. Only 2 adults live in the house and there is...
  2. C

    Garage Apartment Drain and Venting Plan Questions with Diagram

    I have built a two-story garage apartment, and I am ready for running DWV pipes. I have five fixtures, which I believe are called branch intervals, so pretty sure a vent stack is required. Most of my runs, except possibly the kitchen, which is in a wall 5 feet away, are under the minimum length...
  3. Wendell G Boyd

    Commercial plumbing

    I’m doing a job that requires 8 new commercial motion sensor toilets and 8 motion faucets. The pressure from main water line coming to the building is around 45psi to 50psi. I am to run 1” water lines for max pressure. I feel I may need more pressure running these commercial toilets. A pressure...
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