pipe connections

  1. Offguard-2

    Water Softener Drain line to sewer - will this work?

    I am installing a water softener on the side of my house. Almost directly below the loop, I have access to the sewer line with a 3" clean out plug. There is an 8" run from the plug to the side of the house where I'd like to run the PVC to air gap. Here is what I've come up with. Please let me...
  2. KiviP

    Cast Iron to PVC Support

    Hey guys, I am doing a bathroom remodel and had to replace a portion of the Cast Iron pipe. For this piece, I hired a plumber. He came out and cut the pipe inside the opened wall instead of the attic. The attic piece has other stuff connected to it and he felt like the pipes are in good...
  3. JamFlowMan

    Preferred fitting types - Fastec

    Is there a preferred method of connecting pipes and fittings? I am familiar with ProPress, Sweat, NPT threaded, and sharkbite and FasTec. Is there any good reason to choose one over the other? or any reason to stay away from any of them? What is most popular among plumbers here in the US?
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