pipe banging

  1. mikezh

    Weird consistent pipe knocking noise even when everything is off and valves closed

    I recently moved into a high rise building condo(36 floors) and within the first night I noticed a consistent knocking noise in the wall that is more frequent during early mornings and late nights, it is very noticeable and can be heard anywhere in the entire unit, it is driving my wife and I...
  2. traut27

    Pipes hammer/squealing while water is running

    Water pressure in my home was at 120 psi. I replaced the existing PRV with a new one and my water pressure is currently 45 psi. Now when I run water I get a loud hammering/squealing noise from the pipes while the water is running but it doesn't happen all the time. The most consistent way to see...
  3. TexasDIY

    Sound coming from inside shower stall wall

    There is a noise coming from inside the shower stall wall, by the pipe that brings water up to shower head. I can hear it easily, and when I place my ear against the tile, higher up towards the shower head, it soulds like its around that point. No visible leaking. It happens about once every...
  4. Rph52G

    Pipe shudders at water heater after toilet flush

    I looked around, but couldn't find my problem in this forum. Once a month or two or so, after flushing the master bath toilet (Toto Drake with newer interior parts) I hear a loud banging coming from the water heater cold water pipe outside. It goes on and on, so I have to turn off the house...
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