navien ncb

  1. ShawnW123

    Navien NCB Boiler - Possible to Shutoff 2nd Stage

    I have a NCB boiler that is functioning correctly (thanks for the help on the previous posting) but I have a question about the second stage boost and wonder if it can be turned off? This boiler is heating a garage that isn't being used for a shop. Simply keeping the trucks warm in the northern...
  2. Samir A

    Need help on identifying and setting up c wire

    Hello all, I’m new to this forum and would like somebody to really help me. I had two Navien NCB 240 boilers installed three years ago, One boiler for my tenant upstairs and one boiler for the first floor and basement and I’ve attached the picture of a switching relay and my nest thermostat. It...
  3. Barry Chertov

    Do I need to adjust my Navien NCB-180E from summer to winter?

    Do I need to adjust my Navien NCB-180E from summer to winter? The "cold water inlet temperature" certainly changes, but do I have to change the setting for it? Seems silly - why isn't the Navien sensing the temperature??
  4. Cadobe

    Venting Navien Combi for high temperature design

    From the manual on page 44: "In high temperature applications, the exhaust temperature can exceed 149°F (65°C). In that case, you must use Schedule 40 or 80 CPVC or Approved Polypropylene in the USA or Type BH Special Gas Vent Class IIB (CPVC) or Class IC (Polypropylene) that conforms to...
  5. Cadobe

    Navien NCB manifold piping

    My configuration install looks 100% similar with the attached image, having only one zone. Anyhow I can control the temperatures on each individual room by either using the smart thermostat or/and the TRV's. - Pump: Taco VR1816 - Heat emiters: Myson panel radiators with TRV's on all of them -...
  6. HankR

    Navien Combination Hot Water Heater / Boiler

    Hello, We are looking to replace our natural gas; 40-gallon power-vent hot water heater (currently dead) and hot water boiler with a combination tankless unit. We are looking to create some additional space by going this route. It would be in a mud room on the first floor. We live just...
  7. Jessica857

    Navien Combi System NCB-210E - Temperature Issue

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and hopefully someone will be able to help me. I recently bought a new house that was converted to gas. A new Navien combi boiler was put in to replace the old furnace. I've moved in for 3 weeks, everything was fine until this past week when the temperature dropped. I...
  8. carriagehousereno

    Navien NCB 240 extreme cold water sandwhich frequent pressure purges

    Hey all, So let me describe my problem first and then I'll describe the specifics of my installation. The Problem: Over the past 2 weeks we have began experiencing the cold water sandwich for the first time since installation. It doesn't"t happen consistently, but when it does we often go from...
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