gas furnace

  1. Confoozled

    Gas furnace shows system "on" but doesn't run?

    Hi all - my upstairs gas furnace will click to system "on" once the temp goes below set point, but it doesn't actually kick on. It will sit there as the temperature continues dropping showing "on" at the thermostat. No fault codes in the LED window - light is steady on. Some background -...
  2. idreos

    Sudden drop in pressure in gas line or bad gas meter.

    I have a problem with my 3 year old gas furnace. Last Sunday I smelled natural gas outside my house and found the smell coming from the PVC furnace exhaust pipe on the side of my house. The gas company responded and said the furnace had to be tweaked. My HVAC contractor came the next day and...
  3. Ben McHugh

    Fine green debris in gas feed for steam boiler

    Hi there. Ive been experiencing a problem with thick green gunk gathering on the filter in the Gas Valve Thermocouple Actuated Line Interrupter (see attached). My plumber's theory is that its a dirty feed from the street. Ive had National Grid at least 10 times telling me anything but...
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