1. JoelM

    Outdoor Hot Water Line, Heat Loss Question

    I live in California (local temp ranges 40s in winter, to 80s in summer). I want to run a hot water line to an outdoor fixture, which will require about a 20ft outdoor run. There is no concern of freezing, nor waiting a little for the hot water, but I do care about energy efficiency. I wonder...
  2. Chevsky

    Design upgrade: two hybrid LP gas furnace + heat pump

    Hi everyone, Long time, first time :) This is about upgrading an <80% LP gas furnace and AC to a 92+ and heat pump (HP). One of my current LP furnaces needs replacing soon, so work is inevitable. Designing an upgrade. Two systems, dual fuel/hybrid-- Propane furnace coupled to a heat pump...
  3. Patrick R.

    Indirect water heater + electric water heater = efficiency??

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. I'm a DIYer with a question about my current hot water setup. Background: I purchased a 4100sq ft home which is basically a colonial 2-story setup with an addition built on. The home has two Heat Pumps (separate controls), providing AC/Heat during most...
  4. Fynall

    Large water tanks or many small ones? (efficiency)

    Hello. I'm the landlord of a building consisting of 8 rental units. All the units have 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 living room and a corridor linking them. There are currently 12 tenants living in the building, 4 tenants are single and 4 couples. There could potentially be 8 couples for...
  5. SHVA

    Looking for resin spec’ed for efficiency 4000-5000 grains/lb salt

    Which resins, 10% cross linked, have this SER? Thanks!
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