drain back

  1. Blavidais

    Drain Back River System

    Ok, so, I am 90% finished with a drain back set up; but the dang bleeder orifice valves DO NOT work. They trickle, but don’t really jet out unless I hit them or bang on the pipe—not something im gonna be down there doing. The only reason I can guess they aren’t working is because of the...
  2. Sidkarimi

    Kitchen sink doesn’t drain

    Hi all, I just bought a new house and now The first big issue happened! I have a double sink with disposal that won't drain what so ever. I tried so many ways! I and plumber did snake and it seems it is clear. I went to the roof and snake on vent and it seems very clear! I really don’t know what...
  3. CdnMaple

    Drain back system for drilled well

    This fall, we had a drilled well installed at our new house, and asked for a drain back system. The well driller installed a valve before the pressure tank which allows air into the line once the pump stops, thus allowing the water to fall back into the well. A foot valve is installed between...
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