1. Swrobel

    Navien + NaviCirc + tank water heater = can it work?

    We recently purchased a 3-story duplex, and each unit had its own tank water heater, leading us to believe that the plumbing was separate for each unit. The heater on the 3rd floor of the upper unit (ours) was due for replacement, so we had our plumber replace it with a tankless Navien...
  2. Jamco70

    Electric water heater problem

    1. Started getting warm water instead of hot water from 7 year old Rheem electric water heater set to 120 degrees. 2. After research, I replaced both elements. 3. When I turned the power back on, the water heater immediately threw a "Lower thermistor failure" code. 4. Rheem no longer...
  3. Toocutetofail

    Tankless goes lukewarm, Scratching my head... why?

    Hello, I was trying to diagnose a tankless water heater problem as the water would turn hot to lukewarm after few seconds. In the process, I wanted to make sure there was no hot-cold water crossover from mixer valves at any of the fixtures. So I turned the valve off at the outlet of the TWH...
  4. Sonny goldstone

    Tankless w recirculating pump not getting hot instantly as it’s supposed to

    Hello all! Since we don’t have a dedicated recirculating line, we’re using a crossover kit in the farthest kitchen fixture to make use of our recirculating pump. Our heater is a Noritz NRCR111 The idea is to get instant hot water at the tap w the crossover installed...mine gets instantly...
  5. D. Shelston

    Crossover recirculation?

    I'm new with a tankless and not happy with the wasted water and time to get hot water at the shower head... My tankless has a built-in recirculating pump but only to be used with a dedicated return line. I do not have return lines. Guess I need to install another external pump on the hot...
  6. Shane Wood

    Water is coming out warm from cold faucets

    Two weeks ago, I replaced my vented gas water heater with a power vent gas water heater, due to venting issues. Since that time I've noticed in all of my faucets and showers, when I turn the cold water on, it's cold to start but then warms up (82 degrees). I've had a plumber in who checked all...
  7. elle

    Lukewarm cold me solve the mystery!

    As the title indicates, our cold water from ALL faucets starts out cold and within 20-30 seconds turns luke warm. This phenomenon started a month or so ago after a visit from a plumber. The plumber did the following: 1) Replaced a kitchen faucet with a Moen single handle 2) Replaced our washing...
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