copper pipe corrosion

  1. Lexd

    Help with troubleshooting green water stain

    We’re trying to figure out a plumbing/water treatment issue and I was hoping the experts here could help point us in the right direction. We’ve talked to some local plumbers and water treatment companies but none so far have given us confidence that they are familiar with this issue. We’re...
  2. J

    How much of sewer line to replace?

    How-do, all. I've been working on replacing my failing clay sewer line (roots, roots, so dang many roots....) and am hoping the collective wisdom here can help me sort a couple things. My sewer line set-up is like this - working from the line outside the house to inside the house crawlspace...
  3. kingtut68

    Green hair. Copper Pipe Corrosion - Diagnosis/Treatment?

    Hey everyone. My name is Zach and I'm new to this forum. I'm twenty-six years old, a first-time homeowner, and I have a serious problem. To top things off, I have no experience in plumbing or any other "handyman" skills for that matter. Anyways, on to the problem. My girlfriend and I...
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