cleanout drain

  1. L

    Drain Toilet to Basement Cleanout

    Hi! I am working with a DIY remodeler and we have a question about adding a toilet to the first floor using an existing cleanout as the drain. There are two other cleanouts in the basement and also one in the yard. The existing cleanout is about 6" from the basement floor and threaded for...
  2. Vijayank

    Identifying drain and main water inlet to manabloc

    I’m trying to install a water softener in my garage, I’m confused with few things with the manabloc and if I am doing the right thing. The manabloc in my garage have what appears to be two cold water line, I’m hoping the one with the bigger diameter (PVC) is the cold water inlet and the PEX...
  3. tustind

    Connecting Washing Machine Branch to Existing Drain Cleanout in Basement

    Hi all, I have a 3 family building and there are existing hookups for washers and dryers in the basement for each unit. However the currently drain into the sump -- which goes out the window! They are not in use for this reason. I want to drain the machines properly, but due to their location...
  4. footballfangb

    Advice on Cleanout drain situation

    I recently just got concrete poured in our side yard. I wasn't there while the contractor was pouring in concrete but noticed after they poured in that the main clean out drain of our house is partially submerged in concrete as shown in attached pictures. It looks like I should be able to open...
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