circulator pump

  1. M

    Refilling/purging X-2 boiler with no drain valve (yet)

    Hi everyone- thanks in advance for your input I currently have a leak on a t-fitting on what I think is the supply piping of my boiler and need to drain down my system to make the repair. Before I do, I wanted to verify a few things and ask a couple questions. I’ve attached several pictures...
  2. Gene Ressler

    Weird hot water circulator situation

    Hi all. A year ago we bought the house of our dreams. 14 years old, 4br, 2 stories + attic. The inspection report noted the pressure relief on the hot water heater was bleeding. The expansion tank was full. Replaced that, and all has been well. While doing this I noticed there's a Grundfos...
  3. Home CA

    Water hammer caused by hot water circulator pump sensor valve

    Just wanted to post a note for someone who might run into this in the future. I have a Watts hot water circulating pump, this guy: The thermocouple/sensor valve is installed at nearly the furthest point on one end...
  4. Jah1010

    Trouble Draining the Boiler

    Hi all, I bought this house recently and am still learning the systems. I have a 2 zone, oil-fueled hydronic heat system, and the circulator pump just broke (or rather, is breaking). I have a new one and am ready to install it. My plan was to drain the system from the drain valve (bottom circle...
  5. rmcderm313

    Boiler circulator pump leaking flange/gasket replacement

    Hi All, I've got a leaking circulator pump on my boiler. It appears that the gasket has failed and the exposure has done some damage to the flange and possibly the pump housing as well. I'm certainly no plumber but I'm pretty handy, so I'm going to try and replace this myself. Here is a link...
  6. jammy

    Circulator pump undersized?

    We have a hi-efficiency, natural gas hot water heating system. The maintenance man said that our circulator pump was undersized for the size of the boiler. He said this would shorten the life of the boiler/pump. We don't have a problem with getting enough heat in the house. The house is almost...
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