banging pipe

  1. Rquang

    Banging thumping noise from Well pump

    Hello All, I recently moved into a new house that uses a well pump. Prior to this, I have always been on city water and never had to deal with well pumps of any sort. Recently, I’ve been noticing a loud banging noise from the well pump that causes a the pipes attach to it to rattle. It seems...
  2. Christian P

    Oil fired Boiler doesn't heat water properly and creates banging noise

    Bought a home a few months ago and still struggling to set up my boiler correctly. I have a SlantFin Liberty Oil fired cast iron boiler heating up two heating zones through baseboards and the water in the house. After the first few weeks, I noticed two things: 1) Baseboards around the house...
  3. Plangfield

    Whistling and hammering new pressure reduction valve

    We're selling a 3-year-old, new-build home. We've never had any plumbing issues and had several inspectors look at the house both as a buyer, and now as a seller. The current buyer's inspector identified that the water pressure is too high (about 100psi), and the buyer required installation of...
  4. Ron Hoffman

    Banging noise from copper hot water pipe (not water hammer)

    Hi all, I have had great success finding answers on this forum. I'm new to posting on the forum and have a puzzler that has stumped me. I hear a single bang/thud noise from my hot water line after running hot water for a few minutes. A bang/thud sound resonates through the basement joist to...
  5. Jim Dean

    Pressure issue that just cropped up

    Out of the blue I've got a bang in the cold water pipe. No plumbing changes or other issues, it just started banging. It bangs when the tub fill or any high volume use is on, and really bangs when any automatic valve, (toilet fill, dishwasher, washing machine) is functioning. As they cut on...
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