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    Bathroom addition help

    Seems like the green vents in either drawing can just be eliminated. The lav wet vents the shower and then the WC. For UPC that would require a 2" lav vent and drain, not sure if MA is the same. The room layout is definitely a bit weird. How about a picture showing the other end of the room...
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    Need some UPC help on my rough in!

    The shower trap arm is measured from the outlet of the p-trap (the point inside the trap where if you slowly added water to it, the water would first spill over out of the trap, aka the trap weir) to, for horizontal wet venting, the interior crotch of the wye fitting where the trap arm joins the...
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    Question about derating -3/4" liquid tight conduit - Three 12 UF-B cables - less than 2 foot distance

    1) The terminology 2 conductor cable just counts the white and the black, the green is assumed. [Note that cords are different, the ground is explicitly counted.] On a 2 wire circuit, both conductors are CCCs. So yes, 3 x 2 = 6 CCCs. For 90C conductors limited to 60C overall, a #12 Cu...
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    Solar Panel Test.

    Your meter is correctly configured to read current up to 200 mA and is showing 49.3 mA. You can also try changing the dial to the 10A setting, I think it should then show 0.049 A. If you know the currents you'll be measuring will always be 200 mA or less, you can leave the red lead in the...
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    Voltage Drop/wire size for service entry

    On the wire size, check a voltage drop calculator. There's no way to accommodate length other than upsizing wire. The wire size the calculator tells you will be linearly dependent on the actual load you enter into a calculator. On a 200A service for a residence, it's rare to ever draw more...
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    Question about derating -3/4" liquid tight conduit - Three 12 UF-B cables - less than 2 foot distance

    1) Entering from the back would be best if at all possible. Next best is the bottom. If you are going to use UF cable, you don't necessarily need any conduit, you could just stable UF to your siding. If that's judged to be subject to damage, you could mount a suitable (e.g. cedar) running...
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    Solar Panel Test.

    If the panel is pointed directly at the sun, and you use a volt meter across the leads, you'll get the open circuit voltage Voc. If you use an ammeter and short the leads, you'll get something close to the short circuit current, Isc (differing only by the resistance of the ammeter, not so clear...
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    Need some UPC help on my rough in!

    Or the following idea may be better, it would avoid any issue of the shower trap arm being too long. It's hard to draw on the photo given its perspective. So for further advice, a photo from overhead, or a plan view drawing, would be easier to use. Cheers, Wayne
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    Need some UPC help on my rough in!

    That would be a dry vent, a vent carrying no drainage. As for the simplest way to make it work, you could reroute the bathroom drains as in the diagram below (shower drain behind WC), if the red shower trap arm (from trap to the wye where the lav drain would join it) would be 5' or less. Also...
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    Need some UPC help on my rough in!

    So right now your drain connectivity pattern, starting upstream, is: laundry joins lav ; WC joins lav/laundry; shower joins lav/laundry/WC. For wet venting both the shower and WC it needs to be: shower joins lav; WC joins lav/shower ; and laundry joins lav/shower/WC. That's just the logical...
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    Wet vent sketch - please check

    Yes, it's fine for a 2" drain carrying only a lav and a tub to wet vent the WC. The lav is your drawing is dry vented, and the tub is wet vented by the lav. The WC fixture drain has no fall restrictions between the flange and the point where it is vented, but for the lav and the tub trap arms...
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    Shower Drain 2"?

    With a fitting saver type tool, isn't removing a bushing much harder than removing a pipe? On the rambit, the center disk has the ID of a piece of pipe (so different disks for schedules 30, 40, and 80), while the cutter has the OD of the pipe. But the ID of a bushing would be the OD of the...
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    Cap for 1/2" angle stops and faucet supply line connections

    Apparently not a typo, just rare to have an 1/2" MIP outlet: Thanks, only shows 2 NPSM stops, so that also seems rare. But...
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    Shower Drain 2"?

    IPC, in use in OH, allows a 1.5" shower drain/trap for up to 5.7 GPM of shower heads (IIRC). Seems like most shower drains are 2" so you'd have to adapt down to 1.5" to make the existing work. Switching everything to 2" would be cleanest. What's the venting on the shower? If the 3x3x2 wye...
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    Moving a toilet, need to plumb it

    Indiana uses the 2006 (!) IPC, so the minimum vent size for a WC should be 1-1/2", half the minimum drain size for a WC. Cheers, Wayne
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