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    Heat Pump Sizing And Modulation Question

    Thank you. It sounds like the oversizing is still a concern so I'm thinking of going in a different direction. Two outdoor units. For the downstairs I'm thinking a single 12k Mitsubishi H2i floor unit since it's all open plan. The downstairs has an estimated heating load of 11,750 BTU. And for...
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    Heat Pump Sizing And Modulation Question

    Estimated cooling load is 17,600 BTU, so even more oversized there. But I anticipate using the cooling only when it's really hot. Heating will be the primary use for the heat pump. I would definitely prefer not to oversize the equipment. What has given me pause are the NEEP charts showing that...
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    Heat Pump Sizing And Modulation Question

    Hi I'm Jeremy, and I'm looking for some advice on designing a properly sized heat pump system for home. I've learned a lot already from reading this forum but could use a little more specific advice for my situation. I hope this post is appropriate for the forum. Here's the background about my...
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