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    Wet venting "by the code"

    First let me say, it has been a while since I've read the IPC 2009 or 2012, and I am not a plumber, nor am I involved in trying to plumb anything at the moment. So, as a consultant for investors and banks, part of my daily tasks are to inspect construction drawings (typically on 3-6 story...
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    Copper "soft" pipe used as part of gas hookup?

    Hey everyone, I was at my mothers checking out her electric water heater that had started to leak and made a mess in the crawl space. Didn't think it was that big a deal and ran out to get a new water heater, yada yada. While in the crawlspace I noticed that the gas line to the furnace...
  3. josef

    Installing washer including line

    Love the picture Terry. Really helps. I'll make sure to add a separate vent line that connects above the sink as shown. I'll take pictures tomorrow before sealing it up to make sure i didn't miss anything.
  4. josef

    Installing washer including line

    Ok, So here is what I've learned so far. Correct me if I'm wrong. You can't wet vent a fixture into a waste stack of another fixture unless they are on the same floor. This removes the option of tieing into the 2nd floor kitchen stack that is one stud over from the new washer I'm...
  5. josef

    Installing washer including line

    I want to install a washer and need help with the drain. I currently have two vertical 2" pipes (black pipe) running through the house, but only one vents through the roof. I assume the other connects to the first in the attic (haven't checked though). The one through the roof has a 2nd floor...
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