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    Faulty Brine Salt Tank Safety Float

    I just tried it again with a brine mixture. Zero difference.
  2. HudsonDIY

    Faulty Brine Salt Tank Safety Float

    Yes I did just that with the end of the pick up submerged in water. When I sucked on the line it would flow for a split second and then stop. I could feel the ball snap shut.
  3. HudsonDIY

    Faulty Brine Salt Tank Safety Float

    Greetings All, I haven't posted in a while but I've recently been having a problem with my Fleck 5600 so I figured I'd ask the experts before I throw parts at it. Gradually I've gone from nice soft water to hard as a rock. I just dug into the unit today after noticing it wasn't using any salt...
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    Charlie's brother gets a colonoscopy on Two and a Half Men

    Death would be more merciful. Had one when I turned 50. I was due for one when I turned 60 but my doc saved me the horror with Cologuard. As long as that comes back negative you're golden and don't need the scope. Pooping in a cup isn't terribly pleasant but a heck of a lot better than the...
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    Almost no pressure in 4 out of 6 zones

    If the valve itself is leaking you likely have a broken diaphragm in the valve. I've never heard of anything like this happening, its highly unlikely. It's a long way back up to the manifold set and into another zone even if it were the first head in the zone. On top of that the backflow...
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    Transporting water softener

    Chulapol I'm not a water softener expert by any stretch of the imagination. However I can verify a couple things. #1. I've owned three homes with Fleck water softeners and they are essentially bulletproof. Yes you may spend a little more up front but if you have to replace the softener down the...
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    Rewiring the kitchen, bring popcorn w/ advice

    Unfortunately that often falls short as well. We recently moved in to a home built in 2002. So not so old. We had a full inspection done prior to signing the contract. I have to say there were MANY things missed I would have liked to have known about. This seems to be a Florida thing. The...
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    Double Check My Math - Help Selecting Water Softener

    That seems very low. If you are on Pasco county water by their own admission... "The water hardness within Pasco County’s potable water system typically has a range of 12 – 15 Grains per Gallon (GPG) or 205 -257 Milligrams per Liter (mg/l). Similar to many of Florida water sources, it is...
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    Double Check My Math - Help Selecting Water Softener

    I'd be very surprised to find any municipal water supply in the Tampa Bay area as low as 8 grains. I've lived all over the Bay area and the very best I've ever seen was 10-12. I'm now in Pasco county and my water runs about 15 grains. If it were me I would error on the side of caution and do my...
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    Kenmore Hot Water Tanks Warrenty

  11. HudsonDIY

    Plumber broke pipe with snake

    I'm dealing with something similar right now. We bought a new dishwasher and the installer didn't tighten the incoming water supply line properly and destroyed my hardwood floors. Yes, the company I purchased the WH from and the installer initially did not want to assume liability. This is a...
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    Sprinkler heads not popping up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    We are going in a lot of different directions here. Finding the valves covered in earth is extremely common. They are usually below grade and mother nature has a habit of filling in any hole below grade. The valves are made to operate in those kind of conditions. I'd be more inclined to think...
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    Cracked Closet Flange

    Reach4 I installed the Sioux Chief 886-MR and the toilet is now tight and leak free. It did raise the flange slightly but nothing really significant. I went ahead and put in a new flush valve, tank ring and all new hardware. Hopefully I won't have to mess with that toilet for a while. Thanks...
  14. HudsonDIY

    Sprinkler heads not popping up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    What you've written is a little confusing since there are 5 heads in the video. The list of "could be's" is long. #1 Head 3, 4 and 5 could be plugged with trash. Did you flush the line "before" installing the new heads? If there was garbage in the line (which is highly likely with a leak...
  15. HudsonDIY

    Pink stains

    Not to hijack this thread but I'd honestly never thought about this. Is there really any difference between the tabs made for your toilet and those Clorox sells for pools? The pool tabs are a lot cheaper and I have a bucket of those on hand all the times.
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