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    Interesting GMax problem: won't fill all the way when water pressure is high

    So I replaced the fill valve with a new one -- the design was slightly different but I think there must have been a leak in the old valve, probably in the stem which was causing water to leak into the float reservoir. The new one solved the issue and only cost a few dollars more than the...
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    Interesting GMax problem: won't fill all the way when water pressure is high

    I have a Toto toilet with the GMax fill valve and recently it's kept running after flushing, ever so slightly. After replacing the cap and inspecting it while filling I've found the following: - When filling, water streaming from the top hole in the cap is trickling into the float reservoir -...
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    Seat Mounted Bidet (not washlet) for Toto Ultramax II?

    Digging this back up -- I'm having the same problem with both a Luxe bidet and a Biobidet Elite3 in conjunction with the Drake 2 and a softclose seat. Anyone find a bidet that works with these toilets?
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    Toto Soft Close Repair?

    My seat went out after 9 months. Just the top lid though. I'm sure that my kids' propensity to push the seat down is what did it. Toto is sending me a replacement seat but I'm going to try to fix it myself anyway. I'll try two fluids: Novagard G662 silicone grease, and a thicker silicone...
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