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    where do I buy this vent?

    notice the wording in the description of the item: Vent , not intake. If what the OP says he has is truly an intake for furnace make up air, that is the wrong product. It needs to have open, solid venting and not one that opens when air is forced out it, as in the above drier vent.
  2. Chad Schloss

    AFCI breaker (in Wisconsin) needed for dedicated light circuit?

    After I rewired my entire house, and have most everything on AFCI breakers (lights too) I had one detect a faulty ballast in a bedroom light fixture. It would trip here and there, not often, not too much really at all, just made me wonder why it was the only one that had the issue. (the only...
  3. Chad Schloss

    Wax versus no-wax rings

    I've used the oatey one on one install where I was replacing a toilet, and it had two stacked wax rings on it, due to the flange being below the finish tile floor. I tried wax, couldn't get a good seal I was comfortable with, the wax shifted, what a mess. The oatey one went on next, and it's...
  4. Chad Schloss

    Trap/drain on disposer

    Pretty sure the only option for you is to either go without a disposer, or redo the plumbing behind the wall and make the drain line lower to use a disposer. Not a plumber, but have done some extensive remodeling. Someone should chime in soon.
  5. Chad Schloss

    Washing machine box rough in

    I also have a small laundry area in a kitchen in a rental I rehabbed a few years back. I have the standpipe behind by stacked washer/dryer to the right corner, and the valves off to the right side. Use of a Sioux Chief 'Ox Box' I was able to split the two apart and it works just great.
  6. Chad Schloss

    Plumbing design software/programs

    sketchup is nice, you can find a lot of templates and whatnot for it.
  7. Chad Schloss

    PB to PEX? PB does not appear to be a CTS size and they do make a conversion coupling.
  8. Chad Schloss

    Propane Grill Regulator Problem??

    I had one get water in it and freeze over the winter. It would light but not stay lit. replaced regulator and was repaired.
  9. Chad Schloss

    Opinions on quick stab connections in can lights

    I used 14 of them in my remodel. They worked good. I would check all premade connections, push the wires into the connector. I had a few that were not pushed in far enough for my liking.
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    Schedule 30 for toilet drain?

    " I do not know how you would use it for a complete indoors system" The fittings that I see on what is installed here do not have an adapter. They use sched 30 on two ends and sched 40 on another. like I see a 3x3x2 wye and the 3" portion is sched 30 and the 2" is sched 40. Just for FYI
  11. Chad Schloss

    Schedule 30 for toilet drain?

    funny, it passed inspection in 2006 when it was built. it is sold at the big box stores locally and the pipe is labeled DWV ASTM-2949 i think EDIT: It's allowed per your .PDF under table 702.3
  12. Chad Schloss

    Schedule 30 for toilet drain?

    It is legal here in Michigan. Our 2006 home used it along with Sched. 40. Would I change it over if I could? sure. This is made for household use, I have looked it up before. Genova i think is the manufacturer, or at least some of the fittings.
  13. Chad Schloss

    The Most Time-Consuming Remodeling You Ever Embarked Upon

    redo an entire house, top to bottom. 3 years ;) Finished last summer (for the most part, lol )
  14. Chad Schloss

    Noise in shower head

    "You sometimes have to instruct guests on how to activate it, though. " LOL ;) I went to visit my buddy in Kentucky and that's what he had to do, lol. I never saw one like that, but I like it though.
  15. Chad Schloss

    Water for Icemaker

    You shouldn't use copper after the water has been treated by a RO unit.
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