Why an industrial ball valve?

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    I posted here last week about replacing my main shutoff valve - which after much feedback and research seems to be a bronze industrial ball valve.

    When I was trying to identify the valve based on the strange handle - as SewerRatz suggested I just replace the nut and handle - I found a Watts bronze valve and a American Valve that are very close matches.

    However - both appeared not to have a full port and seemed to have a smaller 'throat' than my much cheaper Mueller sweat and Nibco IPS 3/4" valve.
    Also the valves were 3-4x the price of my Sweat & IPS valves.

    What gives? Was this an overkill install? Does it have a much longer operational life? What role does an industrial valve have in a residential application?

    So I'm left with this debate in my mind - I assume due to the price that this is a much better valve - so maybe I'm better off just replacing the handle and nut - but if its restricting water flow - maybe I'm better off paying the $60 to get the water turned off and getting a cheaper but full port valve in its place.

    Comments and suggestions very welcome - and a big thank you to those that have helped me out before.
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    I don't see anything strange, or "industrial" , about your valve. Nothing strange about the handle, either. It may be bronze, can't tell through the paint.

    A bronze valve, for reasons of material cost and possibly better specs, will usually cost more. You will probably find bronze rated 600WOG, and a less expensive brass one may be 350 or 400. The brass may or may not have a WSP or AGA rating. mox nix. There is no reason for the average house that a good brass valve will not perfrom well. We do recommend full port valves for various reasons.

    Your valve could be replaced "wet" using a JetSwett, but that tool will cost quite a bit more than the $60 fee to just shut off the water.
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    quote. The valve is called an 'industrial valve'

    Well, as the vendor told the customer when he bought a "hot mutton pie" and then complained that it was neither hot nor mutton. He was told, "That is not what they are, it is what we call them." They can call the valve anything they wish to but I would not call it and "industrial valve", not a high quality one either.
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