Whirlpool Junk Water Heaters

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    Did a service call on a junk Whirlpool gas water heater. The junk Whirlpool gas water heater was less than 1 year old. The thermocouple on the junk
    Whirlpool gas water heater was bad. This AM I called the junk Whirlpool water heater support for contractors. I was told the thermocouple was not covered because the only time they fail is if the combustion chamber reaches over 400 F. I asked about the junk Whirlpool water heaters air intake getting clogged. They told me that the junk Whirlpool water heaters air intake was supposed to be cleaned with a bristle brush according to the supplied directions that came with the junk Whirlpool water heater. When asked how the home owner should know when it needed to be cleaned there was no reply. The support person then became agitated and the conversation ended. Junk whirlpool water heaters and lousy support.
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    Save the original draft of that letter so you will be able to change the manufacturer's name and repost it when you have the problem with the other brands made by the same company.
  3. Along with these works of art I'm having problems with another big box store fiasco.

    Not the first time I've had problems with GE (Rheem) water heaters.

    The water heater sounds like a jet engine landing in the basement when you use hot water and shut it down.

    Obviously there is a obstruction in the those dielectric nipples or the dip tube.

    Cold water to the house doesn't have the problem.... soon as you run hot you can hear the noise which is loud. Tank is only 2 years old. Those dielectric nipples have ports inside of them. The shut off to the tank is a full port Nibco ball valve.

    Customer already got the runaround from GE/Rheem and just wants me to go ahead and fix it while I'm there.

    Last GE I worked on the cold inlet was threaded too far beyond tolerance and was causing the dip tube to fall into the tank. Terrible design and the smallest dip tube in length I've ever seen.:(
  4. wait till a GE overheats

    Wait till you get a GE water heater
    with some dirt or bad gas go through the orfice

    Its made by Rheem and if any type of trouble
    like a clogged orfice putting out a bad flame
    is detected by that glass vial filed with oil,

    the unit is finished, un-repairable......ka-poot.....

    already had that problem about 4 times with Rheem
  5. jimbo

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    When Rheem first started using the ball-type heat check nipples. there were a lot of complaints about clicking noises. If you called them , they would send out new nipples. They are now not using the ball type, it is a rubber flapper type.

    They have to use a heat check to squeeze out a few decimal points on the energy rating.

    The only problem I have seen with the HD models is that if you walk by the receiving area of the store, I have seen them stacked FIVE pallets high waiting to be stocked out into the aisle. If you open one up and the nipples are bent over at a noticeable angle, you know that poor guy was on the bottom of the stack!
  6. Cass

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    I just installed a Rheem 75 Gal. with 1" nipples. The water way in that nipple was the flapper type that you describe but was only 1/2"or less.......whats with that?

    I didn't install them but used regular insulated 1" nips.
  7. Michael McCann

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    Placement of W/H

    I am moving my water heater to the opposite side of my house located in the laundry room. From what I have read on this thread I'm guesing it would be best to set the water heater on the opposite end of the laundry room away from the dryer and laundry chemicals?
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