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    Hi everybody;
    I'm a real neophyte so be patient please. I have a well pump that is connected to a drip irrigation system. Simple connection I have a pressure reducer and then a direct connection to the tubing. The whole thing is controlled by a sprinkler control that turns it on 3 times a week. I'd like to also use the pump to supply water to toilets and showers. Is it possible for the pump to do both or do I have to get a new pump. If I can do both what equipment do I need to make the change. We are in Florida and water costs alot. My bill is about 120.00 a month for city water.
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    Depending on the capacity of the well and the pump, the answer could be yes, with some replumbling. However, you may find that the city will not permit the use of a private well for other than irrigation.

    Best talk to a local plumber or well person.

  3. And almost everywhere, it is totally against code to connect any pipes with both public water and a private well (to prevent "contamination" of the public system if it ever loses pressure), even with check valves.
    You may be able to plumb it completely separately for just the toilets, but to do the showers, you're going to have to run it through the water heater, too.
    Your best solution, if it is allowed, is to go completely to the private well for the whole house.
    Good Luck!
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    What do I need?

    To use the pump for the whole house what extra do I need? All I have is the pump connected to the spriinkler system. Do I need a pressure tank and some sort of switch to turn on the pump and automatically turn it off?
  5. Yes, you'll need a pressure tank and pressure switch to turn the pump on and off.
    Check these sites out for excellent tutorials on wells and pumps:
    Good Luck!
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    Do you have a well or just city/community water? It is unclear. It sounds like you are paying for city water but still have a well. If you have city or community water you probably cannot disconnect. Sorry that is government for you. If you are like me in Florida, you have a well that once supplied your house but now it is disconnected from your house because you were forced to connect to the community water system. It's a sorry situation when the government forces you into something for their gain, but it is what it is, so make the most of it by using your well to irrigate your lawn. You won't get charged for the water you use, but you have to have either a pressure tank or a solenoid switch to turn the pump on and off for irrigation. Depending on the size of your pump, the GPM output and pressure will dictate how many and what size zones you need for your sprinkler system
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