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    I Have A Serios Problem And Can Not Figure Out How To Stop My Sta Rite 2 Hp Deep Well Vertical Jet Pump Pressure Switch From Chattering If I Put A Screwdriver To It And Hold It For About 2 Seconds The Switch Grabs And Acts Normal But If I Do Not It Chatters Like Crazy And Starts Shooting Fire From The Capacitor And Will Eventually Burn The Capacitor Out Already Had To Replace Capacitor Once And Have Replaced Pressure Switch With 2 New Ones Nothing Seems To Stop It.this Is The First Time I Have Had This Problem Had This Water Well For 9 Years Someone Plesae Help...................
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    It sounds like several problems. The first is it sounds like the nipple the switch is on is blocked. The second it sounds like the excessive starting has trashed the motor... At this stage you might want to have running water for the holidays I would call in a pro rather than play with it.
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