Well, pump or tank problem???

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  1. creynolds

    creynolds New Member

    Dec 1, 2007
    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster (thankfully)

    I'm having a problem with no water in my house. Unfortuantely I'm having everything checked long distance because I'm on vacation.

    There is no water in the house.

    The pressure tank read 0psi.

    The well pump is primed but the pump was found running (still 0 psi on pressure guage) after a power outage. I have no idea how long it was running for.

    The person I had check my house flushed a toilet and didn't put the handle up. From past experience this runs my well pump every 3-4 minutes for probably the last 6 days.

    The well level is quite a bit lower than normal due to the running toilet. That being said I'm sure it will recover we have a great well and an extremely wet year this year.

    So is my pump shot, is the tank shot or is the well level just low right now and needs to recover.

    The pump, like I said, is primed but has no output not even if you pull the line off between the tank and the pump.

    The guy I have checking my house is going to check the well level and try the pump again tomorrow, but for peace of mind I would like any opionons.

    On an unrelated note I also have air in my lines frequently. Run a tap and air will gush out with the water. Doesn't matter what the well level is or where the pump is it's cycle or not running at all.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. whitney

    whitney New Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    I am pretty sure your pump is good. I have currently been trouble shooting some issues I have been having with my well, and my pump ran everyday ALL day for 28 months. It took me 28 months to figure out my sky high power bill was from my well pump, which is a little sad. But that would far out do the hours put on your pump over the time the toilet was running. I am no expert, just my experience here recently!
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