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  1. tron

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    May 6, 2005
    I had an oil company drill a water well while they were drilling a gas well on our place. They aggreed to turn the water well over to me once they finished. I will need to add a pump since they used a 7HP 3 phase for their purposes and have removed it. The will is 320 feet deep with 100 feet of perforated pipe at the bottom. I need recommendations on a pump and piping that can be easily installed. I will use this well very little and plan on backing up my existing well should the pump on it ever fail. I have heard of people using a PVC pipe and wanted to see if this would work for my application. Most of the wells in the area use galvanized pipe. The Casing on the well is 4"PVC.

  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Lubbock, Texas

    With Sch 80 PVC pipe I would go as deep as 300' and could install up to a 3 HP pump. Sizing pump, pipe, wire, tank, you may need a little help. Talk to somebody like www.pumpsandtanks.com. They will know how to help you.
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