Well pressure problem and pump runs constantly

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  1. jmustang9150

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    I am having an issue where my well pump will run constantly. The pressure gauge is running at just under 40psi and won't climb. I am wondering if the bladder might be bad on the pressure tank. I am hoping not to need a new well. I am not certain of the age of the well but I have lived in the home for 5 years with no issues. The pressure tank is a Well X troll wx203. There seem to be no leaks anywhere in the house. The water pressure seems to be fine for the sinks when the pump is running but it just won't hold pressure. Any ideas. The well head is burried and I only have one line going out to the well. I am not sure about all of the details of the well. Are there any check valves that I should inspect or anything?
  2. Cass

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    Turn off the pump and turn on a few faucets to release all water pressure from the system.
    The bladder tank air pressure should be 2# lower than the cut in/turn on setting on the pressure switch.

    Typically when the bladder tank is bad the pump cycles on and off quickly.
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    Turn off the valve going to the house, then turn off the pump. If the pressure drops to zero, you have a leak in the pipe down in the well, or underground to the well.
  4. Gary Slusser

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    I think I've answered this post somewhere else already....

    The bladder can not cause this problem. It is a pump problem or evidence of a water leak. Shutting off the water past the tank and watching the gauge seeing the pressure fall says the leak is between the tank and the check or foot valve in the well.

    What type pump do you have?

    It sounds like a jet pump that simply can't do a higher pressure. That can be the pump is worn out or has a blocked jet in the pump if you have one line from the well or in the j-body in the well if there are two lines from the well. It can be a bad impeller, a suction leak in the plumbing from the well, or the water level in the well has fallen etc.. The inlet to a foot valve or inlet screen on a submersible pump could do it too.
  5. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Cass, if you don't drain the tank, you have .433 psi x the number of feet in elevation above the tank to the faucets that were opened. If the tank is in a basement, that can be a number of lbs off. You can't get it right without draining the tank. Incorrect air volume is the most common cause of bladder failure.
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