Weird "alternative" to sanitizing the well

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    I was snowblowing the neighbor's driveway a few weeks ago and we started about things we're doing. I mentioned that I was going to sanitize my well because of the rotten egg smell. He said he had a product for me and I didn't have to pay him unless it worked and I wanted to keep it.

    Being curious, I asked him about it. He went into a schpiel about meeting this old guy from Michigan who showed him some things.... He pulled out a steel rod constructed pyramid about 1 foot high and a 1 sq. ft base. It had a collar in the peak and in it, you inserted a star shaped steel thing on a steel rod shaft. There were about 3 or 4 squiggly shaped steel things going out of the star.

    You're supposed to put this pyramid over the well cap and put the star in the collar on the peak of the pyramid, with the squiggly things pointing to magnetic north. This, he said, will sanitize the well. It channels the energy down into the well and gives you good water.

    He said some people call him crazy for believing this, and I had to tell him that I agree with them - that's about the craziest thing I've ever heard. He sells them for $390.

    A couple weeks later, I put a greensand filter in.
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    I believe he's operating on the " there's a sucker born every minute ' theory. :)
  3. Cookie

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    I have a girlfriend who is into the mystic. She goes to all the college seminars and buys all the things with stones, books and especially pyramids. I humor her and sometimes I go, even to some book readings with her. This one day I was complaining of my back hurting and she suggested that I put a pyramid under my bed. When she came over she had such an assortment I felt I was shopping at a store determining which one would be best to put under my bed. I picked a pretty one. She told me it wouldn't hurt and could only make things better for me. That night I went to sleep all geared up to feeling great in the morning. And, I would had if my cat hadn't played with it over the course of the night moving it out on the floor where in the morning I slid on it, falling into the doorframe, hitting my head and nose, but, yes ... my back didn't hurt anymore.

    The point can still be seen on the bottom of my foot in the right light. :)
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    No good deed goes unpunished.
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    pyramids are pretty interesting things... ever look at the razor-blade sharpening pyramids? Evidently they worked... never tried one myself... but, in any case... if the thing was free, why didn't you try it?

    Have a link?
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    I'm a skeptic. My wife is a new age person. I don't believe this stuff either however I have experimented with the pyramid under the bed and the next day my sore back was fine. She supposedly heals many people many people physically and mentally, even over the telephone and her clients and friends swear but her. She even claims to find water in the ground (Dowser).

    I'm still a skeptic. . . I hope to God she doesn't read this. . . because I'll probably get a pain somewhere!

    I'd still be a skeptic on the pyramid water thing however I'd probably try it then chlorinate the well and system to be sure. Be courious but be safe!
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