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  1. mmcgady

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    I am finishing my basement. I have rough in drainage for a full bath. I need to cut into the existing water supply for shower, toilet and sink. The whole house is currently supplied with Pex lines. I want to "tie in" to the Pex with Watts Quick-Connect fittings and continue with Pex for the new bathroom.

    What is the "word" on these Quick-Connect fittings? Any problems?
  2. shark bite fittings

    if they are like the "shark bite" press on push together
    fittings they are probably pretty good....

    sort of a universal fitting that will tie together copper, pex, cpvc

    we have had real good luck with those and I would guess that
    they are about the same....

    they are very good time savers in combat situatioins....
  3. mmcgady

    mmcgady New Member

    Why would a plumber not use them for the whole house? The crimp tool is over $100. Does the savings in crimp fittings over quick-connect pay for the tool in the long run?
  4. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    The cost of the fittings would be to high to do a whole house with, a 1/2" T was $7.00 last I checked. You could get to $100.00 real quick at thoes prices.
    With the tool you could sell it after using it and recoup some / most of the cost.
  5. price is always why...

    these fittings are GREAT for COMBAT......

    On satruday i installed a waer heater in a nasty old cellar
    and it had the old cpvc 1/2 plastic comming down to it....

    I made up two copper nipples to female adapters
    and simply put two of those
    quick connect shark bite fittings in the line and got the heck out
    of there fast.......

    they are time savers in bad situations.....
    On a new house it could cost you upwards of $300 or more
    to run the place out of them

    they are really not for a whole house situatioin when things
    are fairly easy and smooth and you got a employees you are paying
    to do the plumbing

    and 300 bucks basically pays most of one dummies salary
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