Watts Exp Tank and PRV

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  1. Do all the plumbers on here think $25 each for an expansion tank and PRV is a decent price?

    I'm putting them in like McDonald's serves hotcakes and I used to pay $18 for the tanks a couple years ago.

    The products is watts, the tanks are the 2 or 2.5 gallon and the PRV is a Watts N35BU. I'm pretty sure that is a 3/4" PRV with built-in expansion valve with a copper sweat union connection.
  2. you are screwing yourself.

    is that for Labor ??? or just for the parts?????

    places around here are getting as much as $400 for a prv
    and therm tank installed......

    the average prv valve around here is about $30 bucks

    the average expansion tank is about $45.

    maybe I have mis-understod your question....

    please re-phrase it..
  3. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Thats an O.K. price but those PRVs (just never seemed to hold up for me. Seems they (Watts N35BU) would only last a couple of years and boom there gone. Had a few complaints in the past over how long they should last. Some not even a year. Not sure if there any better now.
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  4. MPM,

    Those prices are what I paid for them today. Bought 10 PRV's and 15 Expansion Tanks. I get $300 to put those in, more if I have to open walls to get to the main.


    That's the first time I've ever heard of problems with Watts PRV's. 90% of the time I am replacing defective Wilkins PRV's all the time.

    I couldn't even begin to think how many PRV's I've installed in the past 4 years, at least 250. Nobody has called me back on any of them. But then again, they may not know it's broken. :eek:
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