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    So lets say one buys a 1.5 cuft softener (or whatever size they choose). Later on down the road, can they just add .5 cuft (or however much they desire) and make it a higher capacity softener? Been wondering this for a while now, lol. Thanks.
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    NO. When you buy a 1.5 Cf unit the tank size is 10x54. A 2 CF unit has a tank size of 12x52.
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    Putting another half cube would make it a 'packed bed' of nearly so. This would only be useful with a counter current regeneration system. In other words, where the salt brine would come up from the bottom rather than down from the top. There are some advantages to counter-current regeneration but little or no iron should be present and other minor adaptations may be needed to make it work properly.

    By packing the bed, this eliminates the freeboard, or water between the top of the bed and the top of the tank. During backwash, the bed is lifted and thoroughly rinsed and backwashing some debris. If the valve is not designed to accommodate a packed bed, I would not adapt it to try. Adding a few inches of resin is often done with some success. Rebedding the resin tank with fresh resins or a more efficient (and more expensive) resin amy show much improvement.
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