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    Whenever I run my shower, I get a water leak in the room directly beneath the bathroom. Taking baths are fine, however, I only get the leak when I run the shower for "longer" than usual showers -- say when my wife's washing her hair. So, tonight, I replaced the diverter stem, and ran the shower for almost 20 minutes. I thought I had solved the problem, but then after checking the room beneath the bathroom, I noticed a few drops of water. Not as bad as before, but there's still leaking from "somewhere." There's no access panel in the wall for the fixture. My only other solution would be to remove the tile and cut into the wall. Trying to avoid that, any ideas?
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    Can you post pictures of your shower¿ You are in for some big time work if it's the shower pan in a tiled shower.
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    What kind of valving do you have? I would try the cartridge first if your valve has one, if not it sounds like it may be up in the riser.
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    Doh! :p :rolleyes:
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    Unless the tub is cast iron, it is possible that it is flexing when someone is standing in it (well, a CI tub could move, but you'd probably notice that). This may be opening up a crack and allowing water to get through. Also, while showering, you'd get spray where you normally wouldn't, and if the tub isn't level, it could be flowing places where you don't want it to. So, I'd check level, then maybe carefully look at the tub/wall seam with the tub empty, then fill it as full of water as you can and look again to see if anything opened up. This would allow you to get down low and look closely at the seams rather than trying to do it while in the tub.
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