Water flow continues from hot water line

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  1. rick2995

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    In replacing a angle valve that services a dishwasher, I closed the main-water shut-off valve, then attempted to remove the old valve I had pressure & hot water fI waited a good 30-minutes and decided enough was enough,

    The home is a tri level, kitchen/dishwasher in the lower floor level.
    I turned-on all hot-water fauchets on all floors hoping to minimize the pressure on the lower-level and did get some relief
    I also turned-down the temperature on the water heater.

    With lots of towels, I got the job done.
    Why or what is causing hot-water to continue to flow.. The cold water line was okay.

  2. jimbo

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    San Diego
    First, your main shut off may be leaking by. Not uncommon.

    Second, you can get siphoning of water from the water heater. It would have been better to leave all the taps closed, and close the shutoff at the water heater.

    Remember that when changing a low valve, you have quite a bit of water in the pipes in the wall that has to drain out.
  3. rick2995

    rick2995 New Member

    El Dorado Hills CA
    Thanks Jimbo,

    Concerning the water shut-off valve at the water heater, There is one valve on the cold-water line, is this the recommended valve I should close-off on my next honey-do Job?
    Thanks Again
  4. That's it. Cold water into the water heater = hot water out. If little air can get behind the hot water draining through the heater tank and hot supply lines by opening faucets, T&P valve, etc., then you won't have much coming out. It will glug out very slowly at best.
    You can shut off the main supply to your home at the meter to repair or replace your main shut off valve.
    I use brass 1/4-turn ball valves on my main 3/4" supply lines for shut-offs, including the cold water supply line to the water heater.
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    The most likely reason is that you have bad single handle faucet somewhere that is bypassing cold water into the hot side.
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