Water consumption increase?

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  1. Tom Sawyer

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    "Stirring with Tom et al"

    Man you have a short memory. So short in fact that you don't even remember your post #18. Who's doing the stirring here?

    Oh....that would be you my friend. See you lob little bombs out there and when someone comes back at you you change direction. Are you a Democrat by any chance LOL
  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Yeah ya gotta be above average to sell online or to local DIYers and I don't think you have what it takes. Fear keeps many from realizing their best potential. You do know I could park ourselves up there in southern NH and continue selling that product if I chose to.

    That's not the what I was told by the big guys at Clack, that's as far back as July 2005, or my suppliers and other suppliers and a number of internet dealers. Actually there were very few warranty issues with any of Clack's valves.

    BTW, warranty issues of any component of a softener are dealt with by the manufacturers' distributors, the dealer's suppliers.

    No, doing the math is pretty easy but that's not what I was talking about. What I'm talking about is those folks that get wrapped up in micro-managing the valve settings and never seem to be happy with their results or are constantly fiddling with an appliance that should be set and forget except for adding salt.[/QUOTE]
  3. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer In the Trades


    But hey, you can always delete my post if you want.......or maybe not :rolleyes:
  4. mialynette2003

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    Ocala, Florida
    Gary, you don't feel this was a personal attack? It is every bit of one because you address him personally. what a hipocrite you are.
  5. ditttohead

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    Ontario California
    Agreed, why someone keeps chasing people trying to dicredit them is with bad information is tiring. Every post is rebutted, degraded, or trumped... but with misinformation and fair, not great advice at best. The problem is with the constant attempt to make sure everybody else who gives advice is wrong. I have disagreed with every technician on this sight, but for the most part, my disagreements are based on regional issues, opinions, and feild knowledge. In the same breath, I also take the time to re-read the advice and find that for the most part, the info is absolutely correct, just not 100% in agreement with me. I therefore reply to most of the technicians with a compliment on their excellent advice, and will on occassion try to bring up an idea that may add to the conversation. Other than the pot stirrer, the technical advice given on this site, and the added responses have been of a great benefit to the people asking the questions.

    Reminds me of my ex-wife, she was always right, everybody else is always wrong.

    It is nice to be rid of her.
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