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    West Michigan
    I have a 80,000 sq lawn with with existing zones. It has been there for a while and I bought the house 5 years ago. I notice the head locations in the zones do not cover the lawn as I get brown spots during extended dry and hot times. Additionally there are some areas (separate areas of the lawn, that don't have any coverage. It is crazy and driving me nuts because I pay for TruGreen to fertilize and control weeds in the lawn.

    So I don't know what size the poly is running from head to head, nor do I even know where the pipes are.

    I wanted to add two sprinklers 25 foot Orbit Sprinklers model 55069 to a couple of zones. Anyone see a problem with that?
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    Whether you can add more heads to a zone depends on the available gallons per minute and pressure for that zone. Do a gallons per minute and pressure calculation for your house and determine what you have to work with. What type of heads do you have on the system now? I don't care much for Orbit heads and only use Hunter or Rainbird, but that is a matter of personal preference.
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    To add to the answer above:

    It also depends on how many heads you have on the circuit you want to add sprinklers to and your sprinkler system water pressure.
    We usually put 10-12 regular 1/2 circle heads per line with water pressure above 50. Half that number for impulse sprinklers (similar to the one you want to install).
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