Variable Volume Pressure Tanks and Aeration

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    Now that I no longer have my "Well from Hell" issues (See the posting on that topic on this forum), I am on to another technical problem. I have about 2.0ppm soluble iron in the new well. On my old well, we had a 4 tank sand filter bed system with a large aeration bladder-less tank. That tank served the pressure tank function with a well pressure switch that caused a cycling and air injection, passive, for oxidizing the iron.
    Now the new system. It looks like we need to reinstall a new aeration tank and airpump to feed the sand filter bank for collecting the iron. In this configuration, do we really also need an in line bladder pressure tank. The current one is 40 gallons, but the Franklin Controller Manual says that you only need 12 gallons for the 1.5 Hp pump. I don't see why we need 2 pressure tanks. The new bladder-less tank will be about 120 gallons.
    Are there control stability problems with running the pressure sensor off the aeration tank line, and are there any other issues that would crop up if we pull out the pressure tank. I am obviously motivated to keep the tank count down.
    We also have a seperate issue of how to cycle the air pump so that we get appropriate air injected into the aeration tank. The Franklin Controller that we have does not appear to have any tap for sensing when the well is pumping. It would seem that one would want a signal at a certian flow, otherwise let the air pump idle. The iron filter folks are talking about a flow meter, but that sounds expensive, ie. about $500.00 adder.
    All comments are very welcome.
  2. Gary Slusser

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    For only 2.0 ppm of iron, I would not use air in any form. Depending on the hardness in the water; 3 or more gpg, I would suggest a correctly sized softener to remove the hardness and the iron. That equates to much less expense and space requirements.

    So how hard is the water?

    Any odor in it? If so hot, cold or both?
  3. howens

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    With regard to need for Iron Filter, this is driven by desire to have a sprinkler system, and with the 2.0PPM total iron, we will have the ugly orange staining on our hard surfaces.
    The water has no sulfer smell, so we are ahead on that count. The hardness is about 14.
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Then the iron filter has to be sized to accommodate the peak demand gpm of the irrigation. So how many heads at what gpm each and how many zones etc..

    Any odor in the water? Hot, cold or both? Of what?
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    It has never occurred to me to skip the primary bladder tank for the installation, but I suppose you could give it a try and see what the results are. If it does not work out, I.E. cycling problems ect. you can always stick one in there if you leave enough room. Leave yourself convenient re-piping room also.
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    Variable Area Flowmeter

    i just want to ask if this Variable Volume Pressure Tanks and Aeration is different from variable area flowmeter industrial equipment? thanks. any inputs are welcome.
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    Edit... nevermind, I just noticed the date of the OP and that this thread was dredged up from the grave.

    I hope you washed your hands.
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