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    Newbie question.
    I share a well pump with my inlaws. The house are100 feet apart. The pressure was low for some time at our house. Theirs is fine. The well pumps water to their home first and then goes to our home. The line comes into our home and T's. It goes upstairs to our system, and down to our pressure tank. I just replaced our tank. I thought that when we installed the new tank, that the water pressure would be better. It is not. When i first put the new tank in, we set the pressure on both tanks to 25 psi. I then increased ours to 30psi, with no better results. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Tanks don't make pressure, pumps make pressure. If your neighbors have good pressure and you don't, then there is either some friction loss in the pipe to your house, or your house is higher in elevation than the neighbors, or both. If the pump is running on a 40/60 pressure switch, you will need to increase the setting to maybe 60/80 if you can. If this is too much pressure for the neighbors, they will need to install a pressure reducing valve and knock the pressure back down to about 50 PSI.

    You could also put a booster pump with it's own pressure tank and pressure switch on the line to your house. The booster would pick it up at 40/60 and boost to 60/80 or more if you need. If you put the booster at your house, it may be starved for water if the water line is the cause of restriction.
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