Troubleshooting steps a Gould 1/2 HP pump

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    Good Afternoon,
    Looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot a submersible pump. It's a Gould 1/2 HP, 230V 3 wire with a Franklin control box. I haven't used this well/pump in awhile, but I'd like to get it operational so I can water some horses. The hydrants I normally use are currently shut off as the pipe supplying them is broke. It'll be easier/quicker/cheaper to fix this and fix the other in the spring.
    For the particulars, the well is about 57 feet deep, pump is down around 47 feet and the water level was about 30 feet down. I haven't pulled the pump as yet, but I went to turn it on and there was nothing. where can I find instructions on how to check out the control box and the well pump?
    And if there is a better way for me to set this pump up, let me know. As it is now, it's just an on/off thing, no pressure tank. I would turn the pump on, fill the stock tank, and turn it off. If I remember correctly, there is a small hole about 8 or ten feet down so the water drains out to avoid freezing.
    I'll be checking power and all the wiring this evening, and if that is good I'll be puling the pump this weekend to check it out. And I suppose I should make sure there is water in the well as one of the first things I do...
    Thanks for you help & advice.
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