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    Landfill? I've been donating all my old but usable house stuff to Habitat for Humanity. They'll either use it, or sell it in one of their retail stores (which, incidentally, aren't bad places to pick up supplies for downscale projects). You could also get a tax break -- especially on a $1200 retail item.

    "BamDone" -- I love it. I had heard about the abruptness of it, and how some people have replaced the valve to get a more Kohler-like flush, but didn't really believe it until I saw it. Awesome, indeed. I'm thinking about replacing our guest bath's AS PA Cadet (our "nuclear-powered toilet") with an Aquia, but we're sold on the ADA height, unavailable in the Aquia. Maybe patience will pay off.

    Interesting thing about toilet heights. About 20-30 years ago, someone tried to market a toilet about 8" high -- claimed that the "natural" pooping position was the squat, and that his toilet enforced that position. Didn't say anything about how unnatural it was to stand up again and get back into your walker. (I'm not quite there yet, but working on it :( .)
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    Toto Drake -- fantastic. Don't walk--run out and get one today. Unbeatable performance. 'Nuf said.

    Thank you, Terry, for this web site. You provide invaluable information about toilets.
  3. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    love my Toto Drake. Thanks to your website, I listened to your reviewers and opinions and purchased the Toto Drake. As my plumber said, "Flush one second if no paper and two seconds if paper" - says it all to clog free use. Thank you for your wonderful website! God bless.

    Violet from Miami

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  4. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    Thank you for your web site. I think It was very useful in helping us find replacements
    for our aging American Standard toilets that with increasing frequency required several
    multiple gallon flushes to clear the bowl. Based on consumer feedback from your site, we
    went with the Toto Drake, and thus far couldn't be happier. Like many folks who have
    given feedback, we were initially wary of the new low volume toilets, but thus far have
    been pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Toto Drake. Thanks again for helping
    make our decision less arduous.

    Eugene, Oregon.
    September 3, 2006

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  5. Reader Review

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    The Toto Drake is simply the most effectively flushing toilet I have ever seen in my life
    (and I'm well into my 70s). It flushes strongly and quickly, and refills quickly. The
    noise level is low. It's about a month since we installed it to replace an infuriatingly
    ineffective American Standard "power flush" toilet, which frequently clogged up and whose
    air-cartridge had had to be replaced, by a plumber, 5 times in 2-1/2 years at a total
    cost each time of about $160. We're getting ready to replace the other toilet in house,
    an ancient high-water-consumption model, with another Toto Drake.

    R. E. Wyllys
  6. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    I was dubious of all the great (for a toilet) reviews; none of my neighbors had anything good to say about their 1.6 gallon unites, to a one, wishing for the return of their old toilets. So when we remodeled our home we felt we had no choice but to put the old (but still performing) toilets back in place. When on vacation, October 2006, the hotel had Toto El Drakes that seemed to do the job well enough and certainly better than what our neighbors led us to believe was possible. Upon return we purchased one Drake with the sana gloss finish with the intention of giving it 30 days of exclusive use, we are so pleased with the overall performance we're replacing the remaining two toilets with the same model and finish.

    I could have saved time by believing the reviews but it's that old 'misery loves company' thing I've found myself trapped in too many times.


    Bob Babigan
  7. achutch

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    Toto Drake 1 year review

    In October 2005 based on information from this site and from the Map Report, I purchased a Toto Drake Model CST744SL for my second floor bathroom, the one that gets the most use, and where every toilet that I tried in that spot worked poorly for one reason or another.

    So far, the Drake has performed as the "pros" here on this site said it would. It hasn't plugged, and it removes everything each time with no spit backs.

    I live here in my condo for about 6.5 months of the year. The remainder of time is spent at my camp. Total savings for one person for 6.5 months was about 7000 gallons of water (and the bills were lowered accordingly).

    If the Drake can save 7000 gallons for one person in just over on half year's time, imagine how much water it would save for a family.

    I would recommend the Drake to anybody without hesitation.


    Matt (achutch)
  8. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    You replaced some toilets for us at the Roanoke Tavern this summer with Toto Drake toilets. (saving us a substantial amount in our water bills).
  9. JaniceC

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    Terry, which Toto low-flow model would you recommend for a commercial application-- say, a restaurant restroom that gets a lot of traffic?

  10. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    I've been using Drake elongated, Drake ADA elongated, Ultramax, really any of the G-Max models would do.
  11. JaniceC

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    Drake, eh? Okay.
    And what sort of commercial places have been installing them? Any restaurants?

    I'm asking because I may be able to do a short write-up about one of the Toto toilets in a trade magazine read by people who build and equip restaurants.

  12. TPA

    TPA Member

    I've seen the Drake installed in quite a few various commercial apps. Office buildings, restaurants, hotels, churches.... If you go to Toto's website, they do have a separate listing of what they consider "commercial-grade" toilets, which isn't every one they make.
  13. Installed a Toto Drake ADA Comfort height/elongated toilet yesterday.

    Customer loves it and knows how to hold down the trip lever to fully evacuate the tank in case of large deposits into the bowl.
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  14. kereynolds

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    Toto Drake Toilets

    I just want to "second" all the good comments about the Toto Drake toilets. I put in one a couple of weeks ago and have had zero problems with it. Even DW can't find anything wrong with it. If you are looking for an inexpressive low-flush toilet that really works, then this is an excellet choice.
  15. Saljack439

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    Good deal

    I have managed to come to hate my toilets. They almost dared me to use them without plunging or scrubbing; every, single time. Then I decided it was time to move up in the world, so I started studying and learned of Toto toilets. Based on the reports I read on Love's web site, I purchased a Drake. It cost over $400 with the fancy lid and super finish, but I decided to take the "plunge".
    It is now installed and functioning without pause. It is quiet, and although I am not certain I have challenged the 900gm limit, it has handled everything I have dumped on it. It has no swirl, so very occasionally it will still require minor brush cleaning, but basically it works as well as I had ever hoped. It was worth the money and the wait!
    Jack in Oro Valley
  16. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    Our new TOTO Drake, that looks nothing like a duck, has turned the toilet into an object of wonder and amazement. Why we didn’t convert sooner is beyond me. Thanks a lot.

    Moshe and Maleah
  17. stran

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    Works Great

    Well if the prior posts haven't convinced you by now to buy a Drake then this one probably won't but if you are looking for a great toilet get a Drake. We bought an Ultramax from Toto and were so happy we decided to get Drakes for the other two bathrooms becuase they were almost half the price as the Ultramax.

    Result? Different toilet, same amazing performance. Buy a Drake, toss away your plunger, simple as that.

    As a hint to others we gave away our old toilets through Craigslist in the free section, better than just dumping them in the trash. I almost feel bad about though considering they didn't flush very well but we did mention that up front.
  18. mshandywoman

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    Toto toilet noise

    I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Toto toilets (I replaced two UR low-flow toilets with Totos). However, my older Toto (about 5 years) has started making a really LOUD vibrating noise when it is flushed. I'll phone Toto on Monday when their customer service opens, but am dismayed that such a well-designed toilet should have this type of problem.

    The installation booklet says chloramine treated water, which our municipality uses, may have negative effects on Toto toilets. Could this be what's causing the problem? Can I fix this problem myself? Why doesn't Toto have information on its website about product problems? HELP!
  19. GrumpyPlumber

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    Licensed Grump
    A new fill valve.
  20. jadnashua

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    You can get a Korky Quietfill valve from Lowes for about $8.47 Takes about 10-minutes to replace. While youare at it, replace the supply hose, too.

    Or the $2.47 assembly cap will fix it too.
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