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    I stayed home from work today and did nothing more than surf the internet. I was researching a few topics and updating some of my PinTrest Boards with pictures. I got to thinking after looking through my list of designers who the top designers on Houzz where. I tried searching for a list of top designers and could find none.

    There are lists showing the top trends or readers choice but not a flat out list of who the top ten designers where on this design site. This got me to thinking about my top ten list and I looked through my pictures and started writing down the names of designers, architects and builders who's pictures keep showing up on my idea books.

    The list really surprised me.

    For one thing most where men. Male Architects and builders topping my list with architects out numbering builders. The other really interesting thing I found was that most lived on the West Coast. One right here in Terry's back yard and as it turns out I do work for his brother! What a small world.

    Here is a look at my top ten designers on - The best of Houzz. Says me. LOL In no particular order.

    Mark English
    Harrell Remodeling
    Dick Clarke
    Holger Hoos
    Pepe Calderin
    Helen Scott
    Moroso Construction
    Garret Werner
    John Lum

    Here is the Reader's Choice Picks for the following years
    Reader's Choice Awards Taken From Houzz's Web Site

    Top Ten Designer's of 2010 - Top Ten Designer's of 2011 - Top Ten Designer's of 2012
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

    North Vancouver, BC
    Making the Top Ten List for "Best Houzz Designer"

    To make my Top Ten Designer list I just looked through all my pictures.

    Any Designer that knock my socks off or any bathroom so unique that I had to keep the pictures to show clients got more of weighting in my scale. I did find however that many of the bathrooms I had saved where in fact built by the same designer and I had not put two and two together before.

    I think if your going to do a large renovation or build a home you might do this exercise and then look at the data - does one builder keep showing up? Does one architect stand out among all the rest.

    I was shocked and will ponder these findings for days I'm sure. I for sure have a thing for bathroom design and showers but this is my niche and my love. The fact that I choose the designs of more men than women I found very interesting since on my social networks I have 80% women friends and 20% men. But when push came to shove I liked 80% of the projects by men and only 20% by women.


    And the whole West Coast thing gets me wondering how where we are brought up must have a huge role in what we perceive to be "Nice" or "Top Design". Perhaps working with a designer from Back East is not a great thing if you live in Seattle and vice versa if your designer moved from Vancouver and now works in Chicago!

    Any thoughts on this? JW
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

    North Vancouver, BC
    Reader's Choice Awards - Top Ten Designers for 2010

    Top Ten Designers for 2010 (Bathrooms) as selected by the readers or viewers of are these people. Who the top ten are out of the top thirteen I think we will never now. Many of these are on my own favourite lists.

    Garret Cord Werner - Seattle, Washington
    Feldman Architecture - San Francisco, California
    Mark Brand Architecture - San Francisco, California
    Sulton Suzuki Architects - Mill Valley, California
    Bosworth Hoedamaker Architects - Seattle, Washington
    Duckham Architecture - Brookline, Massachusetts
    Rise Construction - San Francisco, California
    Dave Vandervort Architects - Seattle, Washington
    Michael Tauber Architecture - San Francisco, California
    At-Six Architecture - San Francisco, California
    Amoroso Design - San Francisco, California
    Doma Architects - San Rafael, California
    Zieba Builders - Long Beach, California

    What a showing for the West Coast! Now I'm wondering looking at this if these stats are a little skewed. It could be because is based out of California that the use of Houzz spread more from the state of California. Or it could be that the schooling in California is better or perhaps the best teachers move to the West Coast??? Maybe it's the Sushi! LOL

    Not a good showing for our Canadian Designers. I wonder who the first Canadian will be?

    Lets see how the other years pan out.

    I searched the photo's that where used to pick the top designer's on Houzz and then added up the number of adds each photo got. Users add pictures to Ideabooks and this is how the Viewers Choice Awards are selected.

    So the "Official Top Designers (Bathrooms)" for 2010 are as follows....

    #.1 - Michael Tauber Architecture (61,396 adds)
    #.2 - Garret Cord Werner (60,120 adds)
    #.3 - Mark Brand Architecture (51,783 adds)
    #.4 - Zieba builders (25,318 adds)
    #.5 - Rise Construction (24,011 adds)
    #.6 - Duckham Architecture (18,854 adds)
    #.7 - Feldman Architecture (14,139 adds)
    #.8 - Bosworth Hoedamaker (14,119 adds)
    #.9 - Amoroso Design (10,208 adds)
    #10 - Sulton Suzuki (9,939 adds)

    These adds are as of today so a couple years back the rank might have been different. I would have had to have done this right after the posting to get the real official ranking but for this experiment I think we are close enough.
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

    North Vancouver, BC
    Reader's Choice Awards - Top Ten Designers for 2011

    In 2011 did a feature story on the Top 20 bathrooms for 2011. Lets look and see if California owns this year like it did last and who the top ten are out of the top twenty. I'll use the number of ideabooks the pictures where added to to separate the top ten from the list of twenty. But to start here is the top twenty list.

    Avalon Interiors - Thornhill, Ontario
    John Lum Architecture - San Francisco, California
    AMI - Designs - Huntington, New York
    Prestige Custom Building & Construction - Albertson, NY
    Kayron Brewer - Seattle, Wa
    AMI Designs - Huntington, NY
    Claudia Leccacorvi - Vancouver, BC
    Lori Shaffer - Virginia, VA
    RLH Studio - Minneapolis, MN
    Gast Architects - San Francisco, CA
    Robin Rigby Fisher - Portland, OR
    Melissa Davis - Toronto, ON
    Sullivan Design Studio - Menlo Park, CA
    Amelie de Gaulle Interiors - Nashville
    Helen Scott - Belfast, Great Britain
    Smith & Vansant PC Architects - Norwich, VT
    Normandy Remodeling Design - Hinsdale, IL

    So we have a couple Canadians and one designer from Great Britain making this list. The Ideabook featured the top twenty bathrooms and many of the people listed above had more than one photo selected. I'm going to see how many people liked each picture to see who is the clear winner for 2011.

    After checking the number of adds for each of the photo's for this Readers Choice Awards for 2011 the Top Ten Designers are as follows;

    #.1) Avalon Interiors (204,773 adds)
    #.2) John Lum Architecture (114,642 adds)
    #.3) Claudia Leccacorvi (113,774 adds)
    #.4) Kayron Brewer (109,683 adds)
    #.5) Gast Architects (98,235 adds)
    #.6) Lori Shaffer (97,930 adds)
    #.7) Prestige Custom Building (90,171 adds)
    #.8) Helen Scott (69,153 adds)
    #.9) RLH Studio (68,574 adds)
    #10) Robin Rigby Fisher (66,112 adds)

    Nice showing this year for the Canadians with a number one and number three placing on this years list of Best Designers on! And again many of my favourites placing well. In 2011 more of the USA is represented and one of my favourite designers (Helen Scott) breaking in all the way from Great Britian - Helen has such creative rooms and her style is one I'm watching closely each month. Love her stuff.

    Claudia from Vancouver had three of her projects listed this year and that speaks volumes to me on how appealing her style is. John Lum had two projects featured and this man has a great varied approach to all his bathroom designs.

    I find it interesting that there was no showing of the 2010 top designers in the 2011 list. A clear indication to me that with the Houzz platform growing it's harder and harder to make this list. Who won the top designer award for 2012? Good Question. I'll work this out next.
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

    North Vancouver, BC
    Top Designers for 2012 - Bathroom's and Showers -'s Reader's Choice Awards

    In 2012 listed only the top ten Bathroom Photo's as selected by the viewers. Here is the top ten bathrooms of 2012. The designers selected by the viewers of Houzz are as follows;

    ID by Gwen Interiors - Mercer Island, WA
    Archia Homes Design - Duxbury, MA
    Alan Mascord Design Associates - Portland, OR
    Chalet Interior Designers - Denver, CO
    Frank Shirley Architects - Cambridge, MA
    Griffin Enright Architects - Los Angeles, CA
    Hanson General Contracting - Philadelphia, PA
    Mike Connel Architects - San Francisco, CA
    Lake Country Builders Design - Excelsior, MN
    J.S. Brown & Co. Design - Columbus, OH

    The USA spreading the joy and blocking out any and all Canadians and Brits this year. Also the West Coast dominance seams to be slipping this year - no doubt the do to the fact that Houzz is being used by more people around the USA and Canada to select design ideas and find local designers.

    So is this list in the right order? Let me check and see and compare the order by the number of adds each photo has.

    Top Ten Designers for 2012 (Bathrooms by

    #.1) ID by Gwen Interiors (139,995 adds)
    #.2) Archia Homes Design (95,232 adds)
    #.3) Alan Mascord Design (87,953 adds)
    #.4) Mike Connel Architects (82,922 adds)
    #.5) Frank Shirley Architects (82,659 adds)
    #.6) Chalet Interior Designers (77,327 adds)
    #.7) Griffin Enright Architects (66,874 adds)
    #.8) Lake Country Builders Design (63,756 adds)
    #.9) Hanson General Contracting (57,294 adds)
    #10) J.S. Brown & Co. Design (55,914 adds)

    Pretty tight race this year with Design firms taking the top three spots. Now that Houzz has been established and so many Designers, Builders and Architects uploading pictures a real snapshot of what most Americans and Canadians are looking for in design can come to light. As a design student I might suggest you follow these top designers and see what trends or what layouts these top designers use in their builds.

    It will be a while before the Top Designers of 2013 are released - every month thousands of pictures being uploaded and millions of people designing their little guts out. How does your favourites compare with these top designers?

    I guess since I have all this written down it only makes sense to rank the top ten from the past three years into a best of the best. Let's see who the top ten are based on the number of adds over the past three years. The adds get tracked on Houzz so the number tally grows. Of course the longer your pictures have been online the greater chance you have of winning this kind of race.

    Many times it's the quality of the photo that really makes a difference - uploading high resolution pictures is required to be featured on Houzz for their IPhone and IPad apps. I wish I had a better camera. I just use my IPhone.

    I think looking back at these pictures I might see a new trend. I'm going to review all these top thirty designers and find out if there is a common element or elements to the photo's. Understanding what people love goes a long way to delivering a polished bathroom renovation. I hope to make this list one day and would freak out if any of my jobs made the grade. I have one best of Houzz in Vancouver for popular pictures and customer satisfaction but this is a smaller demographic - I'd like to win hands down World Wide.

    "To any and all mentioned here I tip my hat - being selected by the viewers of Houzz as a top designer is an honour and massive feather in all your caps. Well done." JW
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

    North Vancouver, BC
    Canada's Top Bathroom Designers 2010, 2011, 2012 -'s Readers Choice Awards

    After a day plus of number crunching and profile study I have picked out the list of Canada's top bathroom designers. The competition was stiff and over the past three years the West Coast has dominated the top three positions year after year. San Francisco the clear powerhouse in top producing cities for most popular bathroom design. That said the winner by far was from Thornhill, Ontario. I'm thrilled that a Canadian Designer won and super happy that fourth overall (world wide) was a talented designer from my home town of Vancouver - here on B.C.'s West Coast.

    Here is a peak at Canada's Best Designers for 2010-2012.

    Sitting Number One, Representing Thornhill, Ontario and the Central Region Tracy Kundell from Avalon Interiors. Tracy was the clear winner outright (Canada and World Wide) and her design photo currently the most liked and saved by the readers and viewers of (2011 win). Her score - 204,773 Adds and this number *represents total adds over the entire 2010-2013 time frame.

    #1 - Tracy Kundell (Avalon Interiors)

    Sitting Number two, Representing the West Coast and Vancouver - Claudia Leccacorvi. Claudia placed third in 2011(2011 readers choice awards) and was one of the most popular designers on's bathroom designer section. Her total Adds where - 113,774* - I love Claudia's work and have followed her designs for years now.

    #2 - Claudia Leccacorvi (Raven Inside Interior Design)

    No other Canadian Designer made this top ten list for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. I'm looking forward for the Readers Choice Awards for 2013 and see who from Canada makes the list. The quality of design and quality of photography is incredible these days and has become the core of every great new design build.

    Having said that another design company from Ontario placed well in 2011 and just missed the top ten list. Melissa Davis of Catherine + Davis was among the readers choice award winners in 2011. These are huge lists to make and in my eyes qualifies the design team at Catherine + Davis third spot in Canada's top bathroom design category.

    #3 - Melissa Davis (Catherine + Davis Interior Design & Decorators)

    Lists of Canadian Top Designer's other than

    House Beautiful's Top Ten Bathroom Designs for 2010 -

    In 2011 Canadian House and Home listed Canada's Top 25 Designer's -
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

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    Top Writer's on - Best Ideabooks for 2013

    Another year is winding down and the Houzz Staff will be tallying up the top Idea-Books for 2013. If you have a favourite writer or favourite article it's time to vote.
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    johnfrwhipple Bathroom Design & Build - North Vancouver, B.C.

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    Top Ten Featured Ideabooks on for 2013

    I'm proud to say that my Ideabook I wrote for made the Top Ten List for 2013! It was an Ideabook on planning a tub to shower conversion. Kitchens and colour choices dominated this years top ten list but I'm glad my one ideabook on showers snuck in and placed.

    Seams the trend on replacing bathtubs with walk in showers is growing strong and no sign of a slow down any time soon.

    Here is a link to Houzz's Top Ten Ideabooks of 2013
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    With the examples of finished work you've shown, it's no surprise. Congratulations!
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    Thanks Vegas. It was the article or Ideabook of mine not any one project. Does show America's taste in reno's at the moment.

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