Too much staining from iron in well water

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  1. Golfsupttdd

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    Any recommendations on types/brands of system to inject a deionizing solution with my irrigation water?????????
  2. speedbump

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    We sell a chemical that is manufactured here in Florida that is mixed with water depending on your water's mineral make up that when injected with a chemical feed pump will sequester the iron and make it fall off instead of staining.

  3. Bob NH

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    Here is a link to managing iron and manganese in drinking water. Some of it may apply to your irrigation application.

    Sequestration is reported to work at iron concentrations up to 3 mg/liter.

    If you have a large area you could set up a settling tank (a pond), or an open-air sand filter to filter the water after it is oxidized. It would require re-pumping.
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