This should be an easy Delta question for you guys!

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by Marc46, May 13, 2011.

  1. Marc46

    Marc46 HVAC Contractor

    Central Florida
    Just got off the phone with 2 different plumbers, and told them what my problem is. They both said I had done everything possible that they would have done. I have soaked it in vinegar, and heated it up,.....still won't budge.

    I called Delta, and they are sending me a 'dome nut' free of charge. The guy said I will probably have to cut it off at this point. I intend to keep soaking it with white vinegar, and when I get my parts all lined up I will try the torch deal as well. After that I am cutting the bloody thing off!

    I guess they realize this is a problem. I never expected a free part for a 19 year old fixture. Some of you don't realize that not every location has an expert plumber like some seem to be that post here. If any of you lived close by, I would surely call you at this point. Most of them around here would simply either ruin the fixture themselves, or tell me I need a new one installed but I have to cut a huge hole in my opposing wall.

    I'm gonna get this thing off if it kills me! :))
  2. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    The ideal torch is one of those small "refillable" ones with a "pencil flame".
  3. Marc46

    Marc46 HVAC Contractor

    Central Florida
    Thanks much for the help hj.

    I will get one of those sometime this week when my new dome nut arrives. I have all the other parts lined up.
    Never knew that a simple problem could turn into such a PIA to be honest.

    At this point the thing is not dripping, but I am sure it will return soon. Tightening that adjusting nut the tiny bit I was able to is holding it for now.

    The only reason I have gone to all this over a fixture is because I REALLY want to do a total remodel of that bathroom in the next year. I don't want to have to select a fixture now for what I may want later.

    What is the BEST shower only fixture that you are aware of currently?
    I am going to start doing some shopping for one. :)
  4. TRex22

    TRex22 New Member

    Altoona, IA
    About that "dome nut"...

    I have this exact same fixture and had a terrible time removing it today. Funny how all the "Do it Yourself" videos on YouTube don't demonstrate using real-world parts with 20 years of corrosion and calcium deposits. Anyway...

    I tried whacking on the dome nut, whacking on the pliers, whacking me head against the wall - nothing would get the thing loose. I used some WD-40 (which actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense for this particular type of issue) with negative results. Two hours of frustration and counting. Meanwhile the water to my house is shut off. Ugh. THEN...

    I found some "Lime-Away", which is a similar product to CLR or other hard water deposit removal sprays. I blasted the assembly with it, making sure it got into the crevise behind the dome nut. I let it soak for probably 3-4 minutes, and then tried the pliers again. POP! It came loose immediately with only moderate effort. *HIGHLY* recommend you try this method first if you can't get the dome nut off.

    Best wishes,

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