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    I live in California if it makes a difference. I have a newly installed water system that was installed by a water company.
    They came out of the well pump casing to the bottom of the water storage tank. (fill it from the bottom). From the internal storage tank pump, they came out the top and back down to a water meter, then added a 2 gallon pressure tank, then to the pressure sensor and finally through a check valve to the house.
    Several things have happened. Since the addition of the tank system, my water has been really muddy. Checking things from articles and posts read on this forum, I determined that either the pump check valve is bad, or that the pump supply pipe is leaking somewhere allowing the water to siphon back out of the tank and "wash" the well.
    I changed the inlet to the top so now I have a drain for the tank, and the siphoning has stopped. The water has cleared up now. (band-aid until I can yank the pump) My system is a goulds VFD constant pressure with the CU-301 controller. I believe that the pressure could be more stable. (set at 60psi) What I am seeing is that the system will start ok, but takes its time to shut off. It will turn on at low speed to "adjust" that final pressure.

    My questions are:

    As for the 2 gallon bladder tank,or pressure tanks in general, can they work in ANY position or should the schrader valve point up with the water inlet at the bottom?

    What is the order/is the above order of after storage tank componets correct or do I need a correction? The well/tank is about 200feet away from the house and there is another 18 gal pressure tank at the house as well.

    Shouldn't all the componets be AFTER the check valve? I probably should add a hose bib at the output also.

    Thanks for your input/opinions/professional advice.
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    The tank will work in any position.

    The order sounds correct, but that 18 gallon tank at the house is why it is taking so long to turn off. It is not doing you any good and maybe causing the pump to heat up while taking so long to fill. I don’t think Grundfos recommends anything larger than the 2 gallon tank.

    There has to be a check valve on the pump itself. That is the only check valve you need. The second check valve will just cause problems and should be removed.

    When something with that pump or the CU301 has problems, we have a simple “VFD repair kit” to switch everything to Cycle Stop Valve control and get rid of the CU301. Then you would have something long lasting, dependable, and less expensive.
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    Those Grundfos SQE's can run up over 10,000 rpm, so it has to slow down to bring the system to max pressure.
  4. Reach4

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    I think that is what a variable frequency drive is intended to do-- run at a slower speed once the pressure approaches the high end.

    On your big tank, as a holding tank, I don't see how the exit would be at the top, unless the top exit was connected to a dip tube to the bottom of the tank. On the other hand, if it was a settling tank to catch dirt etc, then a top exit without a dip tube would make sense.

    Not an expert or a pro.
  5. valveman

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    Lubbock, Texas
    There should be 2 pumps on this system. One pumps from the well to the storage tank or cistern. The other pumps from the Cistern, past the 2 gallon pressure tank and transducer to the house.
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