The Best Father's Day Present? - Something our kids can afford. List of Ideas

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    My Girls just asked me what a good tool would be for a Farther's Day Present. I froze - So many options I went blank. I want to give them an idea but they would like to surprise me. You can't go wrong with a paint brush, a box cutter or Tape Measure but what else would make up a good list for kids. With out breaking the bank.

    Does anyone know of a good list resource for Father's Day Presents - Tool Lists or Gift Ideas?

    I'd be fun if we could put a few things on that we always use and in gifting dad a present the investment will benefit the family home. Me and kids are always doing crafts so glue sticks or a hot glue gun might be a great idea for a Father's Day Gift.

    What was the best gift your kids gave you?

    My youngest made me a tool belt a couple years back. Out of Paper! :) She worked on it for hours - maybe $5.00 in tape!!! lol

    For me a gift bucket of glue sticks, razor blade replacements for my box cutter (Olfa), sanding pads for the orbital and a Tape measure would never go to waste and cheap disposal tools seems like such a waste of money and so not good for the environment - many of these dollar store type tools not able to do the job they are designed for.

    Lets here them.
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